On social media resumes

Chris Penn’s social media resume has been my template for the type of online resume I’d eventually like to create for myself. Another one I’ve taken note of is Jay Moonah‘s. Chris based his online CV (curriculum vitae) on the SHIFT social media news release (see my blog post about it here), and a search today turned up a post by blogger Heather Yaxley where she looks into the efficacy of a social media resume and online biographical information (e.g. Wikipedia).

Is the social media CV a must have for new media professionals, or is it optional? Could it be, as Heather suggests, problematic, offering too many glimpses into a person’s personal life and interests? New media employs a networking paradigm in the communication that naturally happens using the tools of Web 2.0, but there is a difference between sharing and “selling.”

The ability to be forthcoming, share your opinions, and express your individuality is what attracts so many to the new media realm in the first place. Could the compulsion to clean up our “digital fingerprint” in case a potential employer finds our blogs a little too revealing be corporate mentality seeping into new media mindsets?

The jury is certainly still out on what the future of job seeking via Web 2.0 tools will look like, but a good caveat to follow is create no content that you would be embarrased by or regret that someone would find.


~ by Lola on April 14, 2007.

One Response to “On social media resumes”

  1. Thank you for picking up on my post. I am enthusiastic about the potential of online resumes as a showcase, especially if you are promoting yourself with new media expertise.

    I believe participating in the new media realm is a great way also of adding depth and personality – so any employer searching your “digital fingerprint” should gain a better understanding of you, and be impressed.

    As you say, the guiding principle online is to ensure you are not harming your personal reputation, which is undoubtedly the biggest asset we have.

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