FaceHunter & The Sartorialist: global street style

One of my favorite style sites is The Sartorialist: daily snaps of random people on the street who catch Sartorialist’s eye. Sartorialist has a classic, almost vintage aesthetic. That’s not to say Sartorialist doesn’t sometimes put up a punkier or edgier shot, but he shows a lot of respect to well-dressed septuagenarians, good shoes, proper proportion, and well-made (usually more conservative) items. I stumbled upon The Sartorialist over a year ago and I am so happy to find that in the last two years his blog has positively exploded, leading to a GQ column and videos for Style.com. Well played, Sartorialist!

For fashion a bit more outre, FaceHunter fills the niche. Most of FaceHunter’s shots are lithe young things that appear to love vintage, 80s, punk, new wave, and have the haircuts to match. FaceHunter’s been published in lots of street style rags, and travels all over the globe, treating us to global fashion from London, Amsterdam, Stolkholm, and many other cities.

Before you go on your next shopping trip, consider checking out FaceHunter, The Sartorialist, or the list of street style blogs FH so nicely provides for us in the blogroll.


~ by Lola on April 18, 2007.

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