technorati mini for loners

Technorati mini is a constantly updated “conversation” that runs in a pop-up window on your desktop. You choose the topic, and feeds are transfered to the mini with a summary, link, and a time stamp of how long ago the topic was posted.


Here is a search I just did on the term “loner.” I’m following the “reach out to a loner” campaign that’s started in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. “Loner” is now being pegged with a negative connotation, as if Cho Seung-Hui’s condition of being a loner is responsible for the depraved violence committed at VT. It turns out that this loner was mentally ill, violent, and angry, but “loner” should not be burdened with these connotations.

“He was a loner, and we’re having difficulty finding information about him,” Virgina Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said. Some people do not want things found out about them, and that should be their right. Not having a thousand “friends” via MySpace or Facebook or not having text messages arrive at your cell phone every other minute is a personal choice for some. These people are introverted, private, quiet, and tend to think a lot. They prefer to read or commune with animals, maybe paint or play music, or write. Not everyone may be to a loner’s liking or taste. Does this mean these people are mentally ill or deranged? Of course not, but with the subtext being applied to a word I would use to describe myself at times, I am concerned, not to mention rather put off.

I’d rather someone be a loner and grapple with whatever it is lies within them than be forced in to a false world of sociability if that is not who they are. The idea that lack of sociability is in itself a mental disease is very troubling to me. Cho Seung-Hui may have been a loner who was also mentally ill and dangerous, but the “reach out to a loner” campaign is a wrong idea that comes too late. The ease of aquiring handguns, the American love of guns (watch Bowling for Columbine for more insight), and the American culture of violence, not to mention racism and wealth inequality that persists in our society should be blamed before “loners” are. Leave a loner in peace and deal with the real problems.


~ by Lola on April 19, 2007.

One Response to “technorati mini for loners”

  1. I totally agree–I was so upset by how the media handled the situation at VT, in particular with “news” figures like O’Reilly–who, in my opinion, merely serve to perpetuate deeply disturbing stereotypes without any sensitivity to the situations of both the families and friends of the victims and also the family of the criminal who committed that terrible crime. Hearing the words “loner”, “maniac”, and “killer” in the same sentence almost upset me as much as the shooting. It’s these blindsighted generalizations that create fear, anger, and hatred in the first place!

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