MSN snapshot: was today infidelity day?

I logged into my Hotmail, and the usual MSN screen pops up with the latest articles to MSN. So why was today’s so unusual and worth blogging about? MSN had two articles about infidelity prominently placed on their portal. It almost felt like an assault on the serene state of productivity I had managed to create. I was just taking a break to check my email, and now I must consider this?

It’s hard to ignore the articles when they’re given such chewy titles as “Is a virtual affair real-world infidelity?” and “French Men Don’t Get Caught.” So I clicked on them, and added still more grist to my lately always-on mill.

The consensus: virtual reality affairs are problematic when they interfere with your real life relationships. If you read the second article, you’ll see that for Americans, it seems part of our cultural DNA to be no good at conducting affairs (real or otherwise) and since we’re certain to blow it (“wanting to get caught” syndrome), virtual affairs are just as bad because we’re racked by guilt. Looks like Americans are having as many affairs as ever, and feeling just as bad as ever about it, with financial and emotional fallout being as devastating as ever.

From an observer’s viewpoint (I’m neither married nor in an affair), I can only wonder why it is so difficult for people to find satisfaction. When people are unhappy with their jobs, they cheat; when they’re unhappy with life, they cheat. Cheating has become some sort of American folk remedy for a miserable life, but the misinfored followers of this path often end up making their lives more miserable and never seem to find solutions to what causes the misery in the first place.

America seems not only a nation of guilt-ridden cheaters, but totally unable to mine the dark caverns of its soul to find the cause for such gnawing dissatisfaction in the first place.

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~ by Lola on May 2, 2007.

One Response to “MSN snapshot: was today infidelity day?”

  1. I think people are so quick to blame others for their unhappiness, which leads to them to cheat, lie, etc. It’s this blame or their “cirucmstances” that dictate who they are being. They allow their situation in life to define them, rather than defining themselves.

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