= MySpace for Smrt Ppl

If you work in communications (writing, editing, new media, IT, design, publications, PR, media relations, speechwriting, anything having to do with “messages”) then you need to be on It’s MySpace for people who have jobs and love what they do: word smithing, concept tweaking, brand positioning, space defining, and all those other fun noun-verb compounds we communicators so enjoy making up.

MyRagan is still in beta, so there are some bugs, but if you’re willing to live with that, you should check it out. If you are looking for a dating site, a place to look at hot photos, a place to find out what the latest club night in your town is, or other idle time-wasting frivolity, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to You’ll ruin it for those of us who actually use it to discuss concepts in communications, like measurement, global communications, and that eternal battle: IT vs. communications. But if you work in “the industry” and are looking for useful and stimulating discussion and some of the top professionals in the field at your fingertips, then run, I repeat RUN to And while you’re there, add me:

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~ by Lola on June 4, 2007.

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