two great videos on internal communications

Here are two great videos on communications. They focus on seperate, but equally important, ideas.

In this great little low-budget spot, we have a very easy to understand explanation about wikis. Some people only know wikis from Wikipedia, a growing publically-edited online encyclopedia that is coming up on Google’s radar as a go-to place for information about various subjects. But wikis are a hot topic now, moving into the suite of office tools that tech-savvy communications workers use. If you have heard the term wiki tossed around but weren’t really sure how wikis work or what they are, watch this video and all mystique will be cleared away.

In this next one, we have a Bud Lite ad with a super-creative way to manage several important internal communications needs at once: employee engagement; employee communication; and cost-cutting!

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~ by Lola on June 8, 2007.

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