My letter to the Port Authority Trans Hudson

Well, it’s more like my “feedback” since I was limited to 250 words by the website forms.

I would like to know why there are no trash bins ANYWHERE in the Journal Square station. There are none on the platforms, none on the mezzanines of the Plaza, none in the hallways leading from the bus lanes, none anywhere in the facility. The PATH platforms are filled with litter (coffee cups, fruit peels, tissues, MetroCards). This is not only unsightly but it’s also unsanitary. When commuters buy food at the deli on the 2nd level of the Plaza, there is no where to throw the wrapper, empty bottle, cup, etc.

There should be garbage bins throughout the Journal Square station. I haven’t made a thorough examination of the other stations, but I do think that Hoboken PATH station also lacks garbage bins.

And here is their reply:

Dear Lola,

Thank you for your feedback.  For security reasons, PATH has eliminated all trash receptacles from our property.  Passengers are advised via public service announcements, posters, and PATHVISION ads that no eating or drinking is permitted on PATH and that passengers are advised to remove their newspapers with them when they depart PATH.  We are concerned with the security of our many thousands of passengers who travel our system and this is one way of addressing a potential threat.  Any trash left behind is picked up as quickly as possible by our cleaning staff.

Thank you for your input and please do not hesitate to contact PATH with any issue or comment that you may have.


PATH Customer Service

I have to leave soon, but how can New York City, which has survived its fair share of security threats (I needn’t mention the most obvious) still have trash cans in every station and every platform and NJ can’t?


~ by Lola on April 10, 2008.

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