You could buy a NY Post with that extra quarter (did I just say that?)

turnstiles at the PATH station at WTC

It’s interesting that the NYTimes is covering commuter routes now in their Next Stop series. It was only once I left New York City that I began to understand just how much of the city’s daily workforce comes from outside the five boroughs. New Jersey and Connecticut contribute the most, but some people come from Pennsylvania and of course, Long Island, which in some cases is just an extension of Queens. But spend some time commuting through Port Authority, the 33rd St. PATH station, Journal Square, or Grand Central Terminal and you will gain a new appreciation for the sheer volume of people who make the schlep everyday.

Anyway, when the Times covered the PATH route from Journal Square to 33rd St., they found that the trains are most crowded before 9:30am (check), that there is more standing room but fewer seats (check), and that there are more men than women on the PATH (highly debateable). They also found people who had complicated, convuluted commutes involving the NJ Transit, the PATH, and the subway. And even more shocking, they found the one person who doesn’t mind this lengthy commute. They also found a lucky soul who lives in Hoboken and gets a straight shot commute to her job on 23rd St., at a 25 cent discount to the subway I might add.

I would like to hear from some Manhattanites who use the PATH instead of the subway to save money and because it’s actually more convenient. Say you live in the West Village and you are going to midtown. If you live far west, a walk to the Christopher St. 1/9 might be quite a hike. Then it drops you off on 7th Ave., still a few avenues west of your destination of say, 34th & 5th. But if you were to take the PATH, you could walk to the Christopher St. PATH which is off Hudon St., a full two blocks west of the subway at Christopher St., and get off at 34th & 6th, one short block’s walk to your destination. Taking the subway would involve a longer walk on both ends, but I haven’t met anyone or heard of anyone yet using the PATH for intra-Manhattan transit. I’m sure they exist though.



~ by Lola on April 11, 2008.

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