End of This World (dot com)

An interesting idea: a collaborative online novel.

From the site:

…Of course, writing this type of story and telling it nicely requires a fair bit of imagination. This is where we’re asking for your help. Even though there exist single individuals that could do a pretty good job in coming up with a story about the end of the world, one can only imagine the storytelling potential of a diverse community of authors bringing together their imagination in synergy.

I started reading chapter 1. So-so, high school creative writing class quality. Maybe some of you scribes out there with nothing better to do can help up the quality of this virtual novel. You can also comment on the submissions, and offer constructive criticism.

I’m going to check it out when I have some more time.


~ by Lola on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “End of This World (dot com)”

  1. well, it seems the answer s quite clear, lola. move back to brooklyn!!

  2. that comment should be on the other blog! the one about NJ. out of context alert!

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