Beauty Booty

It was a Friday, and the first really Spring-like Friday that I can remember. And there’s a Sephora not far from my job, and well, one thing lead to another and I scored some major beauty booty today.

I had actually been perusing the Sephora site for several days researching the Benefit line of products. I have a few of their products, including “That Gal” (a pinky, irridescent primer), and liked their approach which is more about “the realness of concealness” (enhancing your exhausted, sleep-deprived face) than bright flashy colors and complicated application procedures.

Benefit Fast& The FlawlessIf I can use a primer and a blush and some mascara and a little lip gloss and look fresh and rested, that to me is far better than a big, involved, ten-product onslaught of cosmetic maskery. Besides, I’ve never had the patience for complicated morning rituals. And I guess it didn’t hurt that today happened to be a Benefit promotion day at my local Sephora, so I got a free lesson/makeover and was able to ask questions about the products I was most interested in.

So I got their “Fast & Flawless” kit which comes with their “Some Kinda Gorgeous” foundation, “Get Bent” mascara, EyeBright pencil, and a small size of their famous BeneTint lip and cheek tint. I also picked up their “Georgia” powder, a pretty peach powder that helps a sallow complexion look brighter, a lipgloss (Life on the A List) and a lipstick.

L for Lamb, by Gwen StefaniI had been wanting a new perfume, and was interested in Gwen Stefani’s “L” for LAMB, but hadn’t had a chance to smell it yet. Well, it’s fab. A little weird, like an over-ripe pear and a peach with some fressia and green notes, oh, and musk, but it’s different and perfect for warmer weather. The Sephora lady gave me a nice generous sample so I could try it out on my skin to see how it reacts with my body chemistry. Usually I don’t care for florals that much, but “L” is definitely an interesting floral with no silly girly crap about it. Gwen Stefani wouldn’t make silly girly perfume.

However, one thing I know I can wear is musk. Maybe it’s my swarthy Peruvian-ness (ok, so I’m not exactly that swarthy, but I like to think I am) because my skin just about devours any fragrance I put on it. Except musks. Musk and I can hang out and be cool. We give each other space. Musk lets me be me and musk can be swarthy and dense and sensual and is strong enough to stand up to my oil-rich hide. Jean Guy MuskSo I was stoked to find a really yummy softer musk perfect for summer at the ultra-affordable price of $18 for 30ml: Jean Guy’s “Musk.” Yes, it’s just called Musk. What’s not to love?

“Hey Lola, you swarthy sexy minx, you smell great…What is it?”








~ by Lola on April 18, 2008.

One Response to “Beauty Booty”

  1. i am STILL rocking 1966 at the beach. if it ain’t broke, don’t break it!

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