Authentic South American recipies

suspiro limeñoI was doing a search for Suspiro Limeño (a Peruvian desert made with a port wine and cinnamon-flavored custard with meringue on top) when I came across this wonderful blog called Canela’s Kitchen. Turns out Canela is really “Gloria” from Santiago, Chile. She lives there with her husband and twins and loves to cook and share recipes. Not only did she have a great recipe for Suspiro, but as I started browsing her site I fell in love with the intimate details like the photograph of an old hand-written recipe for quince tart, Gloria’s lovely Spanglish (like in her recipe for alfajores), and the fact that she has a whole section called “Tea Time.”

I will be trying some of Gloria’s recipes in the future, but in the meantime, reading her site is a trip down the gastronomic memory lane of my childhood! Added to blogroll too, for safe keeping.


~ by Lola on April 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Authentic South American recipies”

  1. Has visto la receta para la pasta frola?! Childhood memories for me, too!! Mi papá siempre lo cocinaba cuando era pequeña!! Le ponía mermelada de damasco and it was irresistable.. Esta página está fantastica! Congratulations on finding it!

  2. Argentina. El alfajor. Historia del alfajor, secretos de los alfajores, recetas para hacer alfajores de maicena, diferentes tipos de alfajor. Alfajor santafecino y alfajor cordobes. Marcas de alfajores milka, terrabusi, bagley, capitan del espacio, havanna y balcarce.

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