“All drollness and cruelty” – Christian Louboutin salesgirls

I like the NYTimes’ “Critical Shopper” column that comes out in the Thursday Styles section. Today’s was on that Valhalla of shoe fetishists: the new Christian Louboutin shop on the Upper East Side. There’s something about a Louboutin shoe that makes me stop dead in my tracks. Although they are your basic stiletto, and there are thousands of stilettos walking the concrete canyons of New York City, the tiny details of a Louboutin shoe make it just so much more gorgeous than the average. I guess a Louboutin shoe is the model equivalent of a pretty girl: some people are just born with the right bones in their face, and perfect structure seems to be in the DNA of this brand. The sheer outline of the Louboutin shoe is enough to take one’s breath away.

But, if you were to distill it further, it is just a sky-high stiletto. Or a $900 hooker pump. However you want to slice it. A great read by the quite funny Cintra Wilson.

Anyway, I thought about it some more while laying on my acupunturist’s table. Today he stuck pins in the tops of my feet because I have some soft tissue damage on my wheels. It’s not from wearing heels though. Or so I tell myself. I left the session feeling a little dazed and dopey, which sometimes happens. Sometimes I’m all floaty and elated, but today I could’ve stayed asleep for at least another hour (big plus to acupunture: the 15-minute nap while I’m hanging around like a voodoo doll. Did I mention he plays really soothing music and puts a heat lamp over my gut too? I’m getting relaxed just thinking about it). Anyway, I somehow restrained myself from going into the new Red Mango on 6th Ave. that just went up a couple of weeks ago. It’s soooooo much better than Pinkberry. Pinkberry sucks. It’s not even real yogurt.

I was supposed to go out with a friend tonight but I never heard back from her to confirm so I’m going to go home and make shrimp scampi tonight.


~ by Lola on May 1, 2008.

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