Bulgogi Cart on 49th St.

I’ve become obsessed with the Bulgogi Cart on W. 49th St., literally across the street from my office. Once I tried dish #4, which is some kind of spicy chicken, I was hooked, and now I go Bulgogi Cartback there about once a week to get my fill. $6 buys you a styrofoam lunch container with a scoop of rice, a generous helping of spicy chicken, some iceberg lettuce (which you need to cut the heat), a service of japchae (noodles made from sweet potato flour) with vegetables (which they write “veges” at the cart), a small container of kimchi, and the coup de grace, a nice-sized chunk of pinapple and an orange wedge (really appreciated at the end of this firey meal).

Since I have to Google or Yelp practically every dining establishment I frequent now, I googled “Bulgogi Cart” and was pleased to find several mentions of the venerable cart, including one in Time Out New York’s Cheap Eats issue. But perhaps the best find was a site that will make it on to my blogroll here, and that’s Midtown Lunch, with the most excellent tagline “Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of New York’s Midtown.” They also contributed the photo of the Bulgogi Cart that you see above, so Midtown Lunch, if you get any incoming links from me please don’t get mad I borrowed your photo.

The cart made it onto one of my other favorite food blogs, Eating in Translation, which is already on the blogroll. If you work in midtown and love Korean food, you owe it to yourself to try the Bulgogi Cart. Just watch out for the hot pepper pods.


~ by Lola on May 13, 2008.

One Response to “Bulgogi Cart on 49th St.”

  1. bulgogi cart should open up an outpost in my work area.

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