new jersey’s ok. there i said it.

So I’ve been living here in my little lily pad for about 6 or 7 months now. It doesn’t seem that long yet it seems longer. I think 6 or 7 months…wait, that’s not a long time. But everything feels different. Oddly enough, more like before, more like what I knew and remembered and loved and even better!

When I first moved to this state for reasons that shall remain undisclosed here, I HATED it. Thought New Jersey couldn’t suck more. Hated everything about it from the traffic patterns to the public transit to the people. God I hated the people. I was pretty damn judgemental about them and thought no one could be cooler than New Yorker’s and that people from New Jersey were truly the most average and prosaic people you could encounter.

Well things are a little different now. I think I was feeling very judgemental and angry for other reasons that made me dislike New Jersians so much, but now I have found that there are some nice, interesting people on this side of the Hudson. I say that like it’s amazing. Well, duh. Of course there are cool people here! There are cool people everywhere, we just have to find them and hold on to them (or let them go) like the beautiful things they are. But anyway, every day I see more and more people here I relate to. I’m making friends at the local delis again. It’s like that. Which is how I like to live. But anyway, I digress. 6 or 7 months, not a long time but feels a lot longer. Maybe that’s one reason I don’t know everyone in all the delis yet.

As for the city itself, it’s super close to NYC via the PATH, you just have to prepare for it. Know your schedules and travel light. Living in BK a cab’s ride from APT means anything goes fashion wise. Not so smart when you will be hoofing it to the PATH in all types of weather. When I go out at night and take the PATH to the city, life is an adventure. It’s dark on Kennedy Blvd. and there are some odd looking characters around. It’s snowing. It’s raining. It’s ICE raining. Whatever, you  just have to do it. Or stay home. But there’s a freedom in this, a fun in seeing how much I really need when I leave the house, how much I can do with pockets and downsizing.

Since I’m back here (I say “here” like it’s a place but it’s more like a state of mind) I’m doing my thing again, travelling, setting out, going to places that I think I should probably be like “damn, that’s too far” but with the right preperation and the right state of mind, it’s the same as living in Inwood, maybe, so who’s to say I’m far from the city? Then when I come home it’s quiet and spacious and somehow different. Chill. Growing. Different. In transition. I guess this last element is what I am most attracted to in Jersey City now. It’s changing and growing and evolving. It’s interesting to see the different types of people. I guess it’s gentrifying, except now it’s just cool kids and some artsy looking people and younger people you can tell weren’t raised here or didn’t move here from a foreign country.

It was an uneventful domestic day around the house. But I’m quietly, very quietly, happy. I’m getting my place in order, slowly putting things into plan. I unpacked some records today and put them on shelves in my storage unit. It’s small, so I have to bend and move stuff out of the way before I can really get to the records, but they are out, they are getting some oxygen. There’s like 10 more boxes and no where nearly enough room to put them here or there, but whatever, I’ll work it out. This place is small but it works for me and somehow Jersey City’s working for me too. I like the occasional isolation and the choice I can take of how far out I venture into the world: Jersey City’s Zone 1, the city is zone 5.


~ by Lola on February 16, 2009.

One Response to “new jersey’s ok. there i said it.”

  1. im from jersey and was looking to move down the block from journal square. i started reading your blog. keep it up.

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