what’s with the blogging?

It’s weird, but in the last few days, 2 or 3 people have asked me about blogging. As in, am I still doing it? I never thought of it as something I did, it just happened, but the creation of the different blogs (and there are many that I don’t even write on, i just had the idea and created the URL) and concepts never seemed to be anything more than writing with some design thrown in. Self-promotion, marketing, audience targeting, all that came later in my awareness. And it was never a strong point of mine. Anything I tried to create with some intention other than the intention to share and write always seemed forced and weird. Like the time this blog was about new media and technology. That’s cool, but I’m not gonna be Engadget or Gizmodo or even CC Chapman for that matter! Hah…habits die hard right? Or you can’t resist a cross-promote when one comes your way.

Anyway, so I was administering my profile @ Myspace and I noticed that I hadn’t really blogged in a while. Work blocks Myspace and I’m more about Facebook these days anyway, but I used to blog a lot at Myspace. Then I created a bunch of other sites: the Mochiverse; Opinionated Windbags for film reviews;  one that I eventually stopped writing because somehow, someone I knew was leaving comments, but not identifying himself readily, or saying he “knew me” and I was writing a lot of personal stuff on there: thoughts, emotions, and even some details about my life. I appreciated this stranger’s concern, but at the same time, it was a little weird. You just know when the vibe is off. I could be completely wrong, but I 86’d that blog soon after.

There have been other blogs, I’m sure.  This one I come back to now and then. But these days in the hyper-marketed reality which we inhabit, who cares about someone’s thoughts? How do you market or quantify or sell something like this or things like this that aren’t really a great vehicle for link-sharing? What’s the point of it all. God, that sounds so awful! Hahaha  it sounds pretty grim to say “what’s the point of it all” but sometimes, with how things are going, what is the point of it all? There will always be those that seek a place and make a connection for their creative and spiritual needs. I used to be sad that such people would only make up a small percentage of the Earth, ever. Now I don’t know if I’m sad or merely accustomed. Yet the moment such words leave my lips (or my fingers touch off the keys, to be precise) I think that sad or accustomed or some feeling in between or to the left or right, I think…wow, I lost my train of thought. I thought so hard I lost it. It happens. Sorry folks.

Anyway, this is the fun part of blogging, of saying something and just getting out your thoughts, exercising the digitally rhythmatic elemets of keyboards that aren’t silent and mouses that click. And occasionally, if you’re ready to receive it, something good comes out. Something that makes sense or just makes you happy writing it. And if you’re REALLY lucky, someone else likes it and if you’re INSANELY LUCKY a someone or someones won’t just like it but they’ll love it or be inspired by it. I guess that is the point I was trying to make: moving someone, whether it’s thru writing, music, art, cooking, smiling, loving, touching, is a pretty damn amazing thing to accomplish. Perhaps especially via the depersonalized (for the most part) vehicles of art (depersonalized because being moved is coming from conceptual pieces which you presumably have no personal connection to; different from a real life human being), touching or moving someone is even more a rarity. I mean truly moving someone. Not an “oh yah, it was cool” or “I liked it.” I mean something you remember and something that from which point further, your life isn’t quite the same or you can come back to that moment and touch it.

I guess that’s what I strive for. Sometimes I don’t even know. I just know I was given this thing that I can do and that I enjoy, but I don’t really know what to do with it, so that’s why sometimes I blog and sometimes I don’t.


~ by Lola on February 16, 2009.

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