Master Cleanser day 3

I’m on my 5th or 6th cleanse. I can’t remember how many I’ve done, but it’s been about one a year for the last 5 or 6 years. Each one is different yet also has many elements that are the same, like the chills, which I am beginning to get. I’ve also been a lot foggier, mentally, almost like my brain doesn’t have the fuel it needs to keep running at optimum speeds. Perhaps this mental fogginess will lift in a few more days. I cheated a little bit…not with food or drink but with a combustible substance that has 420 chemical ingredients in it that do oh such nice things to your body and mind…well at least it wasn’t chocolate!

Anyway, one effect of the cleanse I’m noticing this time is its effect on my moods. Now I know that part of the moodiness is related to a lack of calories and in particular, carbohydrates which help create serotonin. But I think the cleansing may also be bringing to the surface the toxic things I’ve ingested over the last year, in particular alcohol and um, combustible substances, as well as refined sugar, processed foods, and anything else that really isn’t optimum nutrition. In addition, the cleanse may be loosening up some toxic emotions that I have experienced since my last cleanse. I wouldn’t say they are “toxic” in and of themselves, but unexpressed, these emotions do carry some weight and probably contribute to a sluggishness of mind and soul. For sure, when they are being released, it is usually noticed in a physical manner. The emotions I’m referring to are longing, anger, desire, attraction, aggression, and betrayal.

I’m at work but I’m not here. I’m floating somewhere else. My mind has been oddly and uncharacteristically distracted on something and it’s strange. Usually my mind is a million places at once and this wide-net approach works for me. I drag in all that I’m interested in and touched by and somehow, by way of this multi-strand technique, correlate and organize my thoughts and experiences into some cohesive something. This time, right now, thoughts seem a bit disparate and disorganized despite the precense of a very strong mental attractor. I won’t get more specific but some of you might now what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I do recommend the Master Cleanser to anyone. But don’t cheat like I did. I won’t cheat anymore. I know in another day or two, usually around day 4 or 5, is when things start getting REALLY good and when I start feeling incredible. So for now, the mental lassitude and chills are a small price to pay for the clarity and increased energy I know is coming my way.


~ by Lola on February 17, 2009.

One Response to “Master Cleanser day 3”

  1. hey, stress is a toxin, and if you call that an emotion or emotions bring them on, well there ya go. About to master cleanse myself tomorrow, and looking forward to day 4 already! Thanks for the perspective

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