First blog from new mac powerbook via Flock

I am rather loving my new Mac Powerbook. My first impression of Mac, other than its dashing good looks, is its simplicity. It’s so simple, it’s counter-intuitive. Just drag and drop the icon of the app you want into “applications.” Really? That simple? When you launch an installer, it just opens up one window, no dialogue, with two icons: the app and a shortcut to your app folder. You’re kidding, right? It really is that easy.

I installed Adium for IM, Flock for browsing, set up my Flock, opened a new account and customized my administrator account in less the time that it would take me to run the install process (and restart, and maybe restart again, and look for the driver, and pray the directory doesn’t get mangled) for ONE app in PC.

I’m not used to all this simplicity, so the idea of simply dragging and dropping things and that they actually do what they’re supposed to do without fuss is new to me. So give me time, dear Mac! I am sure this is something I could get used to :)

Blogged with the Flock Browser

~ by Lola on May 19, 2009.

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