What a difference a median makes

I once lived on Carlton Ave., in a tiny studio on the ground floor in a building that was literally sinking. I had a sleeping loft built into the apartment to make more room for myself, and the lopsided building, which was most pronounced on the ground floor, wasn’t having it and after a night or two, the loft literally pulled out of the wall and collapsed…while I was in it.

At that time, Carlton Ave. was no picnic. Perhaps for seagulls, as they were often seen walking around picking at chicken bones that were littered all over the sidewalks, which were of course broken and smeared with all manner of dog poo. The street itself was an eyesore. There was a self-storage place on corner of Carlton and Flushing Ave., and on the corner of Carlton and Park, a liquor store that was armored with inches of bullet-proof glass. What can I say, I needed to move, and thought a ground-floor studio with a private garden (more like a door onto an abandoned, weed-strewn lot) near Fort Greene (sort of) was a find! At least I consistently look on the bright side.

If only Carlton Ave. looked like THIS when I had lived there, I might’ve been able to deal with the slanted floor and ridiculously tiny square footage!

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and here…thanks to Google Maps…34 Carlton Ave., appearantly still sinking into the ground
34 Carlton Ave., fighting off gentrification...

34 Carlton Ave., fighting off gentrification...


~ by Lola on May 20, 2009.

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