Big Strick – 7 Days (FXHE Records)

B side is the more floor-friendly side. A side is more introspective and moody, especially A1 despite the bombastic title. That sad piano coursing through A1 makes it the type of thing to put on when home alone listening to records. A2 picks up the energy a bit and sounds very 909ish to me, as does the whole release, especially the rim shots that are scattered throughout all five cuts. I dig the dubby sounds that come in the second half of the track: sounds like a water drop tweaked and delayed.

The B side is where it’s at for me. B2 is the instrumental version of B1. B2, a minimal chugger with staccato rim shots anchoring the rhythm, a slightly delayed, mournful piano, and a simple bassline, is deep and perfect for dark late night sessions. B3 “Whatup Doe!” is brighter, with a basic keyboard pattern for the melody and claps that phase in and out, occasionally coming in at nearly every step in 16.

Big Strick is supposed to be Omar S’s cousin. Another piece of deep, minimal house from FXHE. Listen here.


~ by Lola on October 30, 2009.

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