Raw milk and the heritage/humane/local/sustainable food movement

Check out this fantastic introduction to David Grumpet’s book about the raw milk movement, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights.

It is true that raw milk advocates are probably some of the most bedeviled people on the planet. They are called crazy, stupid, sick, ignorant, and even malicious for encouraging people to drink a substance that is illegal in most states. Yet as Joel Salatin points out in this excellent introduction to Grumpet’s book, we’ve come to a place in our collective history where we think Coca-Cola and Lucky Charms are “safe” foods but milk straight from the dairy cow is not.

Read on for more thought provocation.

Legalize raw milk in Arkansas (but good general info)

A Campaign for Real Milk

The Weston A. Price Foundation

Behind America’s Growing Battle Over Food Rights

Raw Milk Explained (Treehugger.com)


~ by Lola on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “Raw milk and the heritage/humane/local/sustainable food movement”

  1. Thansk for the links! We love eating local, but I’m just starting to research raw foods and I’m very intrigued! My husband grew up having raw milk from his relative’s dairy, but I’ve never had it and am admittedly a little nervous to try it.

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