is there an astrology to the day you were conceived?

May has always been one of those hard months for me. It’s not even May yet, and I’m not saying I’m about to have the same experience, but for matters of this blog post, I was thinking about the impending arrival of May and some of the significant astrological things that will be happening in May 2010 when I wondered if it had anything to do with the month in which I was conceived.

I was born in late February. Go back 9 months and whaddaya get? May. I do not know the day I was conceived. I would imagine this will one day be something prospective parents will want to know, especially if we (hopefully) get more in tune with our natural surroundings and cycles (as if the Plutonian underworld catastrophies of recent months are not enough to tell us Gaia is a little pissed right now). So that lead me to wonder: are the astrological conditions under which we are conceived relevant?

It seems to make sense, no? If, as the general theory of astrology goes, on the day you were born, with the first breath of air your lungs took in, electro-magnetic energies in the ether influenced by the motions of the planets and their various gravitational, vibrational, and organic properties were taken in to your being, might there also not be these same energies in the molecular make-up of your mother’s ovum and father’s sperm on the day they merged into a new cellular unit?

And if so, could you look back approximately 9 months from the day you were born, including the location and time of your conception, and draw another chart from this data?

Some thinkers postulate that birth is a traumatic experience. I think in yoga TT, Paula is going to teach up about the spine at birth, and how we were delivered (natural birth, C-section, underwater, drugged, etc) influences our movement from that point forward. It makes sense. Spiraling out through the birth canal will tone the fetal spine in one way; being lifted out of the womb in a C-section would presumably result in a different type of tone. If birth is traumatic (trauma need not be interpreted negatively; trauma is a shock to the system that establishes a condition or pattern), is conception?

If the ovum and sperm can come together and form a new life, then could not the genetic and molecular information contained within them also be subject to some form of “trauma” upon a breech of their self-containedness upon conception? When the two become one? In the process of integrating our own selves, there is pain as we subjugate the ego and release from the habitual unconsciousness that has defined our lives up until the point we make a consistent and directed turn towards integration. Do not the ovum and sperm also consistently and with direction seek destruction of themselves to become one, don’t they also follow a path towards integration?

If birth is traumatic, re-birth is also traumatic. There can be no re-birth or transformation without pain. Just as there can be no growth without pain (we all remember growing pains). Pain, again, must not be intrepreted negatively. It is a condition of being human and a part of life. It is our interpretation, our conversation around pain that makes it negative. If we allow it to just be, it will reveal information to us useful for growth and understanding.

I will have to look into this subject of the astrology of conception. In the meantime, I will be looking out for vibes in May and will blog on some of the astrological machinations coming up we may want to tune in to.


~ by Lola on April 30, 2010.

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