Should I change the name of my blog?

I have before. This blog was originally called Metropolitan Observer, then I changed it to Midnight in the Garden State (for when I moved to New Jersey). Then I changed it back to Metropolitan Observer, but I’m feeling the yen to change it again.

I chose “medianoche” as the name of this blog, which means “midnight” in Spanish, because a) I like the word and b) midnight is a special time, a time of transition from one day to the next, and is also, when taken literally, the “middle” of the night, implying (in literal sense) an in-between state. Those in-between states fascinate me. I think the conceptual bent of “midnight,” as the in-between place or the transitional place, could be easily applied to what I tend to be blogging about most these days: yoga, meditation, musings on the devotional path, self-inquiry, etc.

I haven’t figured out in what form “midnight” would play in the title. It won’t change the URL, just literally the title of this blog. And then I could change the picture too.

What sayest you?


~ by Lola on May 13, 2010.

One Response to “Should I change the name of my blog?”

  1. What name comes to you?

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