Nov. 11, 2008

If New York’s about one thing, it’s about change. Change and the ability to morph and morph again, trying on identities until you find the one that fits, or just the one that appeals for that day. New York is about invention and expression, identity and its flux, and our vibrant city and its scenes not only reflect, but encourage this dance. We and the city dance in symbiosis, where New York takes on a dimension of a partner, a lover, a friend, an enemy, a neighbor, a stranger, or simply an other, an anthropomorphic stand-in for our dreams and anxieties. In this pas de deux (or pas de 8 million and growing), at times we humans follow, at times we lead, but we are always intertwined with our city in a natural, inevitable embrace.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. All too true, Lola.
    At least I got to see that tree I took a picture of and enjoy your company, but who needs some giant sporting event for that?
    I think I’m going to go back to that tree and meditate under it and commune with the squirrels in the shade.

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